Resume Writing Tips

Your resume is the most important document you will ever write. If written well, it be one important step along your path to a dream job with a great salary & benefits.  However, a poorly written resume will only yield prolonged unemployment or keep you stuck in a dead-end job. You need to know what to write and how to write it.  A perfect resume represents a delicate balance of style and substance. It is - first and foremost - a marketing tool. But like all tools, it must be used correctly to achieve the desired results.  A professional service like Resume Writing Guild can help exponentially by fine-tuning your existing resume or by creating something new and dynamic. The following tips can be applied to transform a resume from ordinary to extraordinary but, of course, are best utilized by professionals!...


First, what kind of resume should yours be? For a person with a lengthy and uninterrupted job history, a chronological resume is usually the best choice. For a job seeker with little experience, has gaps in employment history, or for the recent graduate, a functional resume is recommended. Functional resumes categorize qualifications according to skills rather than work history.  Sometimes, a hybrid resume or a combination of chronological and functional resumes is most effective. Keep in mind that although often used interchangeably, a resume and curriculum vitae (CV) are not the same. A CV is a long, narrative document consisting of several pages that is typically used by members of the scientific, academic, and medical communities. It contains descriptions of educational or doctoral dissertations; research; and lists of publications, presentations, and prestigious awards. If in doubt, use a resume or consult with a resume writing professional.


A resume needs to be organized and eye-catching.  A strong objective statement at the top is an immediate attention grabber. Action words emphasize strength, ability, and confidence. Incorporating a bulleted list or two can increase visual appeal, but can be a disadvantage if overused. Because many companies utilize scanning software, keywords in both resumes and cover letters are essential. They are words or phrases that companies use to find the most qualified candidates. A professional resume writing service is a great go-to source to find the most effective keywords for a particular job.  Your resume should be tailored to meet the employer's criteria. Researching the company by checking its website or contacting its local chamber of commerce allows a resume writer to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information. The best resumes are concise, focused, and most of all professional. The content must be honest and verifiable. Companies will sometimes check work histories and references. Employers are interested in results and are often dazzled by percentages and monetary amounts. The most effective resume answers that all-important question pondered by employers: What can this job candidate do for me? If you have questions on how to write or edit a resume or cover letter, the professionals at Resume Writing Guild have the answers that are right for you.

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