Send Thank You Letters After Each Job Interview!
(No Need To "Thank" US....But...)

    Many career experts, resume writers, and human resource managers agree that sending a follow-up thank you letter immediately after a job interview is an absolute "must." Often, a thank you letter can spell the difference between silent rejection and gainful employment. Imagine if you were an employer...and you were busy considering which individual(s) from a group of recent interviewees you should hire. If two or more of those applicants were similarly qualified, the decision would be especially difficult. Then imagine how you'd react if you suddenly received a polite, personality-filled 'thank you' letter from one of them....Wouldn't you be just a little bit more persuaded to hire the letter writer...rather than hire the interviewee from whom you never heard again? It is for this reason and others that adding a thank you letter to your resume order is more than likely to pay for itself.


  Remember that the job of interviewing applicants takes away substantial time from an employer's schedule. Most consider it to be well-received gratitude, professional acknowledgement, and even quite a personal compliment when they receive a letter from someone whom they interviewed. The key is for your letter to be succinct, professional...polite AND have a personality.  Most letters tend to only incorporate the first three of these...but few people really know how to really infuse some attention-grabbing personality. It is our recommendation that all clients order a follow-up 'thank you' letter with their resume and then add a sentence or two of their own...Those added sentences should reflect some specific, fond memory you had of the particular interview you're writing about. This extra "personal touch" will go a long way in establishing a bond with your prospective employer and in encouraging them to hire you. In short, there is no good reason NOT to send follow-up thank you letters after each job interview and it's well worth the $39.95 investment to have your initial letter created by our professional resume writing team!...

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