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   On average, companies receive about 250 resumes for each corporate opening, and out of those resumes, anywhere from a mere 6 to 30 seconds is spent looking at each one.  That means to secure a job interview, a resume has to STAND OUT from the mounds of papers, most of which will find their way into the nearest wastebasket (or computer-based recycling bin!).  To stand out, a job seeker should learn three professional resume writing trade secrets - style, substance, and focus. The staff at Resume Writing Guild has more than mastered these and is committed to writing resumes at a "hire" level...

  Perhaps surprisingly, a clean and simple design are key features for any standout resume. A prospective employer should not have to navigate through a sea of fonts, colors, and graphics to find vital information. A resume does not have to be complicated to stand out. In fact, simplicity is best. A 10 or 12-point font - like Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman, Tahoma, and Verdana - makes for clean and highly readable resume copy. Avoid unnecessary white space whenever possible by breaking up paragraphs with a bulleted list or two. Of course, a standout resume should also be digitally compatible, which means easily uploaded, downloaded and scanned. Resumes filled with nontraditional fonts, text boxes, and bulleted lists are digitally unfriendly and may be deemed not worth the time and effort to read. Well-meaning resume rookies often make the mistake of "overdoing" their resumes whereas an experienced, professional resume writer knows where to curb the eccentricities.


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    In terms of style, the most important points should always reside atop the resume, so that the relevant information will stand out during that less than 30 seconds a hiring manager will spend looking at it. Keep the subheadings familiar and relevant to the position being sought (i.e., Summary of Qualifications, Work Experience, and Education). Keywords are extremely important tools in getting resumes noticed. Know the power of action verbs to describe past employment experience. Effective action verbs include "improved," "increased," "initiated," "performed," and "developed." The inclusion of a profile further personalizes a resume and allows the the job candidate to stand out. The profile makes great use of keywords and allows the resume to be tailored to a specific job.  Including the links to professional profiles on social media websites like LinkedIn and Twitter on a resume emphasize Internet expertise and a talent for networking. 

    Finally, a focused resume always finds its way to the top of the paper pile on a hiring manager's desk. Clarity and relevance are what human resource personnel look for in a resume. Concentrate on the skills the employer has outlined in the job description.  Regard the job as a target or goal and structure the work history/experience and keywords/action verbs without losing sight of the target. Remember, employers want to see results.  Highlight work accomplishments that increased sales or profits and/or improved productivity.  

    Andy Warhol once observed that any person could enjoy 15 minutes of fame. A resume only has a few seconds to shine.  The elements of style, substance, and focus allow a resume to stand out and make the most of its brief time in the employer spotlight...

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