Resume Editing -

Transforming Your Rough Draft Into A Masterpiece

Occasionally, clients ask us to edit their existing resumes instead of creating new ones from scratch and, of course, we are happy to do so. The price for having your resume *edited *is exactly the same as the price  for having a new resume *written* from scratch. This is because the professional work & labor time that go into resume editing are virtually identical to the work & labor time that go into new resume writing. Be wary of companies who offer to "edit" your resume for less than they would to "write" a new resume on your behalf. We've heard many reports from clients who order "resume editing" from other companies, then are dissatisfied with the quick botch job done for them---by companies who then hit them up for more money---asking them to pay to have a new resume created or a substantial revision done.  In contrast, resume editing services provided by our company are completely thorough and involve a comprehensive analysis of your current resume-- carefully re-crafting it into a perfect career masterpiece. So if you'd like your current resume to be edited, use our secure order form and we'll be proud to do a stellar job for you!

Resumes & CVs From-$89

Our team of professional resume writers will carefully analyze your background & experience to strategically create the most effective ways to present your very best on a new resume designed to make prospective employers call YOU! CVs are $139

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Professional Cover & T.Y. Letters-$39 to $49

It's been proven that a strong cover letter dramatically increases the likelihood that employers will pay attention to your resume. Follow-up "thank you" letters can increase the odds of being hired by more than 10%! Our professional writers create incredibly strong results for both!

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Federal Gov't Resumes-$189

Special members of our professional resume writing team specialize in Federal Government & Military resumes. In addition to having the knowledge & experience to create superior Federal resumes, they are also available to help write job-winning answers to KSA questions.

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Executive Resume Writing-$179

We entrust our executive & senior management resumes only to writers who have devoted significant portions of their career to this highly demanding level of service. Those who are assigned to the preparation of executive-level resumes are uniquely qualified and highly skilled.

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'Job Finder' : Research -$69

The lead writer who works on your resume will extensively research your field and the job market in your geographic region...providing addresses and contact information for 25 companies to whom you should submit your new resume!

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Career Coaching From-$59.95

With our 'Career Coaching Lite' package, you'll get to speak live one-on-one with an experienced career coach who will help you narrow your focus, accent your own skills, and prepare for your job search, resume marketing, and interviewing. Our "Pro" package adds personalized follow-up evaluation materials.

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Online Resume Posting-$49.95

Add this service to your order and we'll upload and store...a keyword-rich copy of your resume for employers to search, access, and/or download. You can even add a link at the bottom of your regular resume for anyone to click to view the e-version!

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LinkedIn Profile Creation-$79.95

Having your own LinkedIn Profile goes a long way in helping employers decide whether or not you should be considered for their open positions. However, having a professionally-crafted, keyword-filled...outstanding LinkedIn Profile will make it difficult for many employers NOT to consider you!

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