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Writing an effective IT resume requires a particularly high level of talent, an abundance of technical writing experience, and a profound understanding of industry changes as they relate to the career market. Many IT applicants try too hard to cram their life stories into a 1 page resume without realizing that 2-4 page comprehensive resumes are (as of this writing) quite acceptable---and usually far more advantageous in their industry.

Here's another commonly seen shortcoming that is easily avoided: IT applicants tend to focus more on their prior duties than on their prior accomplishments. The fact that you completed job functions similar to those of any other good IT job doesn't really raise the eyebrows of the reader. However, highlighting your successful accomplishments at previous IT jobs will do just that.

Finally, what most applicants fail to project when writing their own IT resume...is...a clear objective written in the language of prospective employers. While information technology is commonly viewed as a complex field, your objective should be simple, clear...and demonstrate to an employer what you've learned & accomplished that can be of direct benefit to them if they choose to hire you. Our professional IT resume writers are highly experienced and qualified to present your new resume in an error-free, strategic manner that will be absolutely unforgettable to employers...


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