Discounts On Resume Writing

The Resume Writing Guild offers multiple opportunities for discounts:

Save $20 - After you've placed your order, you'll receive a link to refer your friends & colleagues to our service. For each friend you refer successfully, you'll receive a $20 credit back on your order! If, for example, you spent $100 on our resume writing services and then refer 3 clients to us, you'll receive an instant $60 refund! If you refer more than 5, we'll mail you a company check for the difference!

Save 15-20% (During Off-Peak Seasons ONLY) - During "slower" times of the year, we post coupon codes on THIS page for 5-15% off your resume order. The timing of these coupons depends greatly upon order volume. If our staff of professional resume writers is close to their work capacity, there are no coupon codes offered. The most likely time of year we will post coupon codes is the period of time from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day--when few people are looking for new jobs. This, however, is not guaranteed...If you're not seeing any coupon codes here now, it means that resume writers are quite busy helping clients!

Get $10 Off: Many of our clients report that they already ordered [and paid for]....awful resumes from other companies who were offering deals "too good to be true." If you've already purchased a resume from another service and were dissatisfied, we'll give you $10 off your order with us and ensure that the resume we create....will BLOW AWAY the competition's! After you place an order on our site, use the "CONTACT" form and send us your order #, a copy of the bad resume you purchased elsewhere, and the name of the other company from which you ordered. You'll also need to include your order # from the other company. We'll not only do an EXCELLENT job, we'll also credit you back $10 within 48 hours!


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