Resume Writing: Top 4 Things Hiring Managers Notice

Depending on which article you read, the average hiring manager spends between 6 and 30 seconds reading each resume they receive. Whether it’s 7 seconds, 13 seconds or 25 seconds, a potential employee has only a brief amount of time to showcase their skills and experience. To ensure that your resume writing is solid, take a look at our list of 4 key elements hiring managers seek when reading resumes.

1. Experience & Training
A hiring manager’s job is to select the best possible candidate to fill a job slot. Hiring someone with the experience, training or education needed to be successful at the company is the priority. Along with your actual job experiences, be sure to clearly and concisely list your education, extra training & certification, and any pertinent skills. If you fail to list certifications expected for the job or software programs that are needed to complete work tasks, your resume will be placed in the rejection pile.

2. Employment History
If your employment history is full of gaps or you’ve held 9 jobs in the last 10 years, these are red flags for employers. It’s not uncommon for people to have at least one employment gap. Perhaps you had trouble finding a job after being laid off or perhaps you stopped working to care for a child or a family member. If everything else on your resume looks stellar, a hiring manager might place your resume in the interview pile and simply ask you about the gap during the interview.

Obviously, a hiring manager doesn’t expect entry-level candidates to have extensive work histories or many experiences in their chosen field. Simply list the part-time jobs you’ve held and any internships. If you’ve had a plethora of part-time jobs, beginning with your hours working at the local yogurt shop or pizza place, simply list the last few job experiences.

3. Style
Your resume should be easy-to-read as well as eye-catching, but don’t go overboard with a myriad of fonts and design elements. Crisp, clean and well-organized is what hiring managers like to see. Make sure that all of your indentions and fonts match. For instance, if you use Times New Roman to list your work experience, use this same font to list certifications, skills and education. Consider sticking with one font for headers and one font for the information under the headers.

4. Attention To Detail
Keep in mind, that while the style of your resume might look fantastic, the content also needs to be fantastic as well. If your resume contains spelling and grammar errors, you are pretty much guaranteed that it will end up in the rejection pile. After you finish your resume writing, it is imperative that you edit the document several times and get at least one other person to edit as well. Having two or three people look over the document can ensure that you haven’t missed something crucial. Never simply trust the spellcheck or grammar check on your word processing program to handle this task.

Also, be sure to include the correct contact information. Double and triple-check that your personal phone number and email are correct, as well as the numbers and email addresses for your references, if these are to be included with your resume. One extra tip – if your email address is unprofessional, you need to get a new one. You should never send out a resume with an email address such as BeachGirl09@hotmail or ILoveMMA@yahoo. These types of casual emails tell a hiring manager that you aren’t really serious about your career. When you are competing against dozens or even hundreds of perspective employees, sometimes it’s truly the little details that count.

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