Top 7 LinkedIn Resume Builder Tips

While millions of people have LinkedIn accounts, only a small percentage are truly using this powerful social media site to its full advantage. If you aren’t sure how to up your game in the job market or improve your profile for LinkedIn, resume builder service providers offer up the following tips. 1. Add A Photo […]

The Resume Critique: 5 Crucial Details We Study

A resume provides hiring managers with a first impression of a potential employee. If your resume is less than stellar, then your first impression won’t be favorable. However, unless you are a hiring manager that reads hundreds or resumes or a writer that creates hundreds of resumes, it can be tough to really do a […]

Need Professional Resume Help? Contact Us Today

At Resume Writing Guild, we create thousands of resumes throughout the year for people from many industries. You might think that the only people that need professional resume help are those with little work experience. While these entry-level job seekers certainly can benefit from our resume services, they aren’t the only group we serve. Here’s […]

Need Cover Letter Services? We Can Help

While some job postings specifically request that you not include a cover letter, other hiring managers do like to see these documents included with your resume. Unfortunately, writing a top-notch cover letter can be quite difficult, and while we certainly recommend that you use our cover letter services, we still would like to provide you […]

Professional Resume Writers Share 10 Social Media Faux Pas

If you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites, you might be unaware of how these posts might affect your ability to get hired for your dream job. These days, virtually all employers do a quick social media check before deciding to hire someone. In order to protect yourself, it is wise […]

Changing Careers? Professional Resume Writers Can Help

Once upon a time, people tended to stick with one industry throughout their entire working career. These days, it’s not uncommon for a person to move from one industry to a completely new industry. While there’s nothing wrong with following your dreams to a different type of job, it can make resume writing and interviewing […]

Professional Resume Services: Avoid These 7 Interview Mistakes

While there are a thousand articles out there telling you what to do and say during the interview process, our professional resume services experts felt it would be wise to also provide job hunters with a list of what not to do during an interview. So, before you head out on the interview circuit, study […]

Professional Resume Writing Tips: 6 Ways To Improve Communication Skills

While our professional resume writing might get you through the door and into the interview room, your qualifications and your ability to communicate boost your chances of getting hired. We find that many of our clients wish to improve their communication skills, so we’ve compiled a short list providing some simple tips that will make […]

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