Changing Careers? Professional Resume Writers Can Help

Once upon a time, people tended to stick with one industry throughout their entire working career. These days, it’s not uncommon for a person to move from one industry to a completely new industry. While there’s nothing wrong with following your dreams to a different type of job, it can make resume writing and interviewing […]

Professional Resume Services: Avoid These 7 Interview Mistakes

While there are a thousand articles out there telling you what to do and say during the interview process, our professional resume services experts felt it would be wise to also provide job hunters with a list of what not to do during an interview. So, before you head out on the interview circuit, study […]

Professional Resume Writing Tips: 6 Ways To Improve Communication Skills

While our professional resume writing might get you through the door and into the interview room, your qualifications and your ability to communicate boost your chances of getting hired. We find that many of our clients wish to improve their communication skills, so we’ve compiled a short list providing some simple tips that will make […]

5 Resume Services You Didn’t Know You Needed

Everyone applying for a new job understands the importance of a flawless resume, but that might not be all that you need in order to set you apart from the competition. Beyond professional resume services, the following might boost your chances of scoring a great new job. 1. Professional Biographies In some cases, a hiring […]

Resume Writing: Top 4 Things Hiring Managers Notice

Depending on which article you read, the average hiring manager spends between 6 and 30 seconds reading each resume they receive. Whether it’s 7 seconds, 13 seconds or 25 seconds, a potential employee has only a brief amount of time to showcase their skills and experience. To ensure that your resume writing is solid, take […]

5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Resume Writing Service

If you are still on the fence about hiring a professional resume writing service to create your personal resume, we hope to tempt you by providing you with five excellent reasons why you should leave this task to the professionals. 1. Take Advantage Of Our Writing Skills Does writing come easily to you or do […]

Resume Writing Services Tips: 5 Questions To Ask A Hiring Manager

As resume writing services experts, we know that many of our clients feel uncomfortable or nervous about asking questions during an interview. However, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the job, the company culture, expectations and about your potential co-workers and managers. If a hiring manager asks if you have any questions, […]

8 Crucial Job Hunting Tips From Our Resume Writer Service

The process of finding a job can be a very stressful endeavor. However, a professional resume writer knows that there are a few easy ways to make job hunting easier and less nerve-wracking. As you begin your job hunt, consider the following bits of advice. 1. Create An Amazing Resume & Cover Letter Before you […]

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