5 Terrible Mistakes A Resume Writing Service Won’t Make

While you might hesitate at the idea of allowing a stranger to write your resume, hiring a resume writing service actually makes good sense. The main reason why we encourage people to use our resume service is simple. We don’t make the mistakes that can cost you’re a job interview. Here’s a quick look at five common resume mistakes that professional resume writers can help you avoid.

1. Spelling & Grammatical Errors

There is almost nothing that turns off a potential employer as quickly as careless spelling and grammar errors in a resume. We all make mistakes from time to time, but a resume should be the exception. You never want to lose out on a job opportunity because you misspelled a word or made a careless grammatical error. At our resume writing service, not only will your personal resume writer review his or her work carefully, each resume also is reviewed by a second editor to ensure that no errors have been made. In fact, we guarantee that if your resume is not error-free, we won’t charge you for the resume.

2. Style Errors

A style error is different from a grammar or spelling error. Style means that all the information throughout the resume is presenting in the same format. For instance, if you use capitals for every letter of a header in one section, you want to keep this consistent throughout. If one header states CORE COMPETENCIES, but the next one say Professional Experience, then the next on states EDUCATION, this is not a consistent style and it just looks odd.

You want the resume to feature a consistent, clean look throughout the document. Inconsistencies can be a distraction, and you don’t want a hiring manager to wonder why you used bullets in one section and dashes in another. You always want the focus to be on the information and not the way in which it is presented.

3. Copious Use Of Passive Verbs

While people often talk using passive verbs, active verbs work better in a resume. For instance, rather than stating “was responsible for 26 employees,” present the information as “managed 26 employees.” Instead of stating that you “was asked to present at various conventions,” state that you “created presentations for large-scale business events.” Our resume writing service team creates resumes every day using these types of active verbs which make a huge impact on the reader.

4. Including Too Much (Or Too Little) Information

If possible, a resume should never be more than one page in length. After all, hiring managers spend mere seconds looking over each resume they receive, which means they typically skip glancing at a second page anyway. A professional resume writing service will only include the information necessary to attract the hiring manager’s attention and leave out everything extraneous. If you do have more to say, especially about your amazing personality and stellar work habits, then this should be reserved for the cover letter.

5. Failure To Customize

Each resume (and cover letter) should be customized specifically for the job at hand. You need to write for your audience. Highlight skills that the hiring manager wants to see. For instance, if you are applying for a job in graphic design, the hiring manager probably wants to know that you can use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or perhaps a similar type of software.

To help you customize the resume, be sure that you have a strong understanding of what the job position entails and do some research about the company. This will give you a better idea of what the hiring team needs and allows you to better showcase how to meet those needs.

Creating a resume is a bit of an art form, which is why we believe that it is always best to hire a professional resume writing service. At Resume Writing Guild, we can provide you with a fantastic, dynamic and error-free resume so that you can get started on your job search as soon as possible.