5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Resume Writing Service

If you are still on the fence about hiring a professional resume writing service to create your personal resume, we hope to tempt you by providing you with five excellent reasons why you should leave this task to the professionals.

1. Take Advantage Of Our Writing Skills

Does writing come easily to you or do you feel a bit nervous about your writing prowess? No matter which way you answer that question, most people aren’t professional writers and most people really don’t know how to create a resume that grabs the attention of a hiring manager. Our team of writers are all full-time employees specifically hired for their high-level resume writing skills. Additionally, because we spend so much time writing resumes, we know exactly what hiring managers want to see, so we omit unnecessary information and concentrate on showcasing the most important assets, skills and qualifications you possess.

2. Professionals Produce Error-Free Resumes

While you might be the most qualified individual and an ideal employee, if you turn in a resume with a spelling mistake or a grammar error, you are far less likely to attain an interview. Even the best writers can make mistakes, which is why it is important for you to consider our professional resume writing service. We guarantee that the first draft of your resume with be completely error-free or it will be free! No other resume writing service makes that guarantee.

To ensure that you resume is absolutely the best it can be we assign each resume project to not one, but two professionals. Your resume will be written and edited by one of our lead writers and then one of our career strategy editors also will review this document. This editor ensures that there are no errors and that the resume is eye-catching and dynamic.

3. We Use Dynamic Language & Keywords

A hiring manager often receives dozens or even hundreds of resumes which means that this manager can only spend a brief amount of time looking at each resume. In fact, most hiring managers spend less than one minute looking at each document. Your resume must contain language that jumps out at the reader. Our resume writers use dynamic language that keeps your resume fluid and easy to read. Words such as improved, trained, managed, created, resolved and launched are just a few of the active verbs we might use to showcase your skills.

In addition, we include keywords that catch the attention of a hiring manager. These keywords might include everything from software programs with which you are proficient as well as certifications you have earned and organizations to which you belong. Hiring managers will skim a resume looking for this type of information.

4. We Offer More Than Resume Writing Services

As a professional resume writing service, we understand that many people need services beyond a resume during their job hunt. Therefore, we also offer other services, including cover letter writing, writing LinkedIn profiles, writing thank you letters, social media analysis and even career coaching. While many resume writing services provide resume and cover letter writing, few provide you with these extras, which will make you as prepared as possible as you head out on interviews.

5. Fast Service & Affordable Rates

You might be surprised at how quickly our team of resume experts can create a resume. While we list our standard turnaround time as four business days, it usually takes us no longer than two or three business days to complete an order. If you need a resume more quickly, we do also offer expedited service in as little as 24 hours.

The team of writers at our professional resume writing service can craft a wide range of resumes, and our prices are very competitive. Entry level resumes start at just $89, while professional resumes start at just $119. Executive resumes are available from $179, and we also can produce high-quality military and federal resumes from $189.

If you need minor revisions or updates to your resume, we will provide these to you free of charge for up to one year after your initial order. Each order also includes a job finder guide filled with helpful strategies and tips. We also provide a list of recruiting agencies where you can send your resume. If you are ready to get started, contact our professional resume writing service today or take a look at our website to learn more about our services.